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Relaxing Sedation Dentistry in Cocoa Beach, FL

Cocoa Beach Sedation Dentistry woman receiving nitrous oxide for dental careMany adults avoid visiting the dentist because of feelings of anxiety or fear. At Nawrocki Dental, our team wants to make your experiences with us as comfortable as possible, and that’s why Dr. Gary Nawrocki offers several sedation dentistry techniques here in Cocoa Beach. Contrary to popular belief, most sedation options don’t actually put patients to sleep – instead, they help create a much more relaxed atmosphere for the patient while allowing them to remain conscious enough to respond to our requests throughout the procedure. Contact us today if you’d like to schedule your first appointment!

Here are just some of the valuable benefits of choosing sedation dentistry:

What are the Types of Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

A woman speaking with a sedation dentist in Cocoa Beach

Have you never received sedation dentistry before? Feeling nervous about the process? Don’t fret, Nawrocki Dental understands what you’re going through and wants to help however it can! If you have questions, we encourage you to give our most frequently asked ones a look yourself down below. And, if you have other concerns regarding sedation you’d like to discuss, you can give us a call any time and we’ll do our best to provide you detailed answers ahead of your next appointment.

Who is sedation dentistry for?

Sedation is ideal for those who experience varying levels of anxiety, but it’s far from the only group that can benefit from its use. For example, you may want to consider sedation dentistry if you have:

  • Experienced panic attacks induced by dental treatments
  • A fear of needles
  • A low pain tolerance
  • Difficulty sitting still for long periods of time
  • A long procedure planned
  • Difficulty getting numb following anesthesia
  • A sensitive gag reflex
  • Sensitive teeth or gums
  • Nausea induced by the smells associated with dental offices

Does sedation provide pain relief?

While sedation itself doesn’t really provide pain relief, our office does use it in tandem with anesthesia. This is what we use to effectively remove any sensations that could be felt during specific procedures. Anesthesia used alongside sedation, whether it be nitrous oxide or oral conscious sedation, is a fantastic way to create the most relaxing and pain-free dental experience possible.

Will I remember my dental treatment?

If you intend on receiving oral conscious sedation as part of your care, it’s very unlikely that you will remember much of your appointment, if any of it at all. In some cases, patients have even fallen asleep due to how relaxed they feel. However, this is not the same thing as being put into an induced coma, which is typically done in hospitals. If you choose nitrous oxide instead, there is a possibility that you remember some of your treatment, even if it is a little fuzzy or fragmented.

What side effects are associated with sedation?

Sedation dentistry is completely safe, but there are a few side effects that can occur. For example, you may notice:

  • Dry mouth during or following your appointment
  • Brief periods of amnesia
  • Mild headaches and nausea
  • The sensation of feeling “groggy,” which is by far the most common symptom

How can I prepare for my sedation?

The sedation you receive will help you feel very relaxed, but it also helps to wear loose-fitting clothing. This is especially important if you plan on completing a procedure that will take a long time to complete. Additionally, you will need to have someone drive you to and from the practice if you plan on receiving oral conscious sedation, the more powerful sedative we provide. Following your visit, you should avoid operating a vehicle or other heavy machinery for at least 24 hours. You’ll want to have someone looking after you just as a precaution.

Those who plan to receive nitrous oxide can expect its effects to dissipate quite rapidly after the nasal mask it is administered through is removed.

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