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Saving Your Tooth from Extraction and Future Damage

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Before root canals, if your tooth was infected, fractured, or deeply decayed, your only option was to have your tooth extracted. Having a tooth pulled is not only less than comfortable, but it will leave you with a noticeable gap in your smile. Thankfully, Dr. Gary C. Nawrocki and his team can expertly perform root canal therapy to save your tooth from extraction and protect it from more damage. If you’re experiencing pain, irritation, or sensitivity in a tooth, you may need root canal therapy in Cocoa Beach. Contact our office today to get out of pain and save your tooth.

What is a Root Canal?

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The most common cause of a root canal is heavy decay that has penetrated your enamel, reaching the sensitive portion of your tooth structure. During root canal therapy, Dr. Nawrocki will remove the infected or damaged area of the tooth, cleaning out any decay that could cause damage in the future. He will finish by sealing your tooth and placing a crown over it to protect it from potential damage. Dental crowns restore the natural look of your smile while also protecting the affected area to decrease your risk of decay and infection in the future.

Why Do I Need a Root Canal?

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Root canal therapy is needed when the dental pulp (inside portion of your tooth) becomes infected. If your damaged root canals are left untreated, they can cause infection and serious issues that can affect other parts of your oral health. Infection can lead to an abscessed tooth, which will become extremely painful and need to be extracted if a root canal isn’t performed. Dr. Nawrocki takes pride in being able to save teeth from extraction as well as preventing infection from spreading. If you’ve been having pain or notice a pimple-like abscess in your mouth, contact our office right away for treatment.

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

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Root canals tend to come with a reputation for pain, but in reality, they provide relief. Dr. Nawrocki will make sure that your mouth is completely numb before starting. You won’t experience any pain during root canal therapy, but you may feel discomfort or soreness after the procedure. Dr. Nawrocki uses a special material called gutta percha that seals your inner tooth to prevent future pain, infection, and sensitivity. That’s why root canal therapy actually relieves pain from infection or decay rather than causing it.

Recovering from a Root Canal

If you feel some soreness or discomfort in the first few days after treatment, it is completely normal. You can take over-the-counter pain medication to ease any discomfort, but you should also get a good amount of rest. Additionally, a good oral healthcare routine will help speed up your recovery time. If you’re feeling pain after more than a few days, contact Nawrocki Dental for your necessary treatment.

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