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How to Recognize and Prevent a Dental Implant Failure

May 2, 2021

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Man with toothache from dental implant failure

Dental implants are the most advanced tooth replacement option out there, and they have become the preferred choice by dentists and patients alike because of their numerous benefits. Implants are the only tooth replacement option that replaces the root of the missing tooth, therefore preventing bone loss and providing additional stability. While the success rate of dental implants is impressive, it is still possible for them to fail. Read on to learn about the signs of an implant failure as well as some ways that you can reduce your risk.


How Your Seasonal Allergies Affect Your Dental Health

April 7, 2021

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Woman with allergies

Spring has already come around again. It is great to feel the weather change, but something else is here now as well – pollen! You certainly aren’t looking forward to your seasonal allergies. You have already started stocking up on tissues and medicines to help so that you can be ready when the big wave hits. However, you probably didn’t know just how much allergies affect your oral health. Continue reading to learn about the dental problems caused by allergies and what you can do to limit them.


Beware the Ides (and Foods) of March

March 1, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 2:32 pm
three St. Patrick’s Day-themed cupcakes

If you remember high school English class, you may have read a Shakespeare play called Julius Caesar. That’s where the phrase “the ides of March” came from, meaning a gloomy month when several negative events seemed to occur at the same time each year. However, you might associate march with something positive – like all of the holidays that come with yummy food! These foods might be delicious, but they can pose a risk to your dental health if you’re not careful. Here are a few March holidays to watch out for – and how to celebrate them without putting your smile in harm’s way.


Keep Your Smile Healthy for Good Heart Health

February 4, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 6:33 pm
Illustration of a heart

Since February is here, you probably have one main date on your mind – Valentine’s Day! However, there is more than just one reason to think of your heart this month. February is American Heart Health Month. There is no better time to think about your cardiovascular wellbeing than now. One of the ways that you can work to keep your heart in excellent health is by taking care of your smile. The two have more in common that you know. Continue reading to learn more about their relationship and what you can do to keep both your smile and heart in excellent shape!


6 Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

January 11, 2021

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 11:54 pm
Woman getting porcelain veneers

Are you happy with your smile? Many people find themselves insecure as a result of their teeth not appearing exactly how they’d like. Whether you have discoloration, a few misshapen teeth, or don’t like the gaps that are apparent when you show off your smile, porcelain veneers may be the solution. There are all sorts of potential benefits of porcelain veneers in Cocoa Beach that you may have not even thought about. Here are just some of them.


Do You Need a Root Canal? Here’s Why You Should Get it Before the New Year

December 21, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 2:07 pm
person writing down "smile more" on a list titled "New Year's Resolutions" after getting a root canal in Cocoa Beach

The holidays are in full swing, which means the new year is right around the corner. If you have oral health problems that need to be addressed, like getting a root canal in Cocoa Beach to take care of a severely damaged or infected tooth, it’s important to get it done before your plan renews. On January 1st, 2021, your dental insurance maximum and deductible will reset, requiring you to spend more out of pocket and waste any remaining benefits that you still have. Read on to learn why you should invest in root canal therapy before the new year.


Are You at Risk for Oral Cancer?

November 19, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 2:13 pm
person smoking a cigarette, increasing their risk for oral cancer in Cocoa Beach

When you think about what makes a smile healthy, you probably think about teeth that are free of cavities and gums that do not have periodontal disease. But there’s one dental health problem that very few people think about – oral cancer. This type of cancer can form in any part of the mouth, like your tongue, lips, gums, cheeks, or the roof or floor of your mouth. More than 30,000 cases of oral cancer are diagnosed every year, and several thousand of those patients do not live more than five years after their diagnosis. To keep your mouth healthy, it’s important to recognize the signs of oral cancer in Cocoa Beach and learn how you can reduce your risk.


Don’t Forget to Get the Fillings You Need Before the Year Ends!

October 13, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 8:53 pm
Closeup of patient with tooth-colored fillings

Are you avoiding getting those fillings your dentist said you needed at your last checkup? Maybe it’s hard to find time in your schedule, or maybe it seems silly to get fillings when your teeth don’t hurt. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t put off your treatment any longer than you have to. Not only will these simple restorations prevent painful complications in the future, but they can end up saving you money as well! Read on to find out why you should get all the fillings you need before the year ends.


3 Traits to Look for in a New Dental Office

September 5, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 7:24 pm
dentist and patient talking

Moving can be stressful to say the least, and there are tons of things to do. Unfortunately, some important things can be missed during the transition. Recently in an appointment, a patient told us that she is moving to northern Florida. We never like to see patients leave but understand that she wants a dentist closer to home. We encouraged her to make sure caring for her smile isn’t forgotten in the busy move. She asked us, “How can I find an exceptional dentist in Orange Park?”

In this particular case, we were happy to know a trustworthy dentist in the area she was moving to. Dr. Matthew Nawrocki provides the same high-quality care that she has enjoyed here. But what about any other patients who are moving? This question got us thinking about what to look for in a dental practice after a move. Here are just a few features that we recommend at Nawrocki Dental for your next dental home if you’re moving away from Cocoa Beach.


How Air Purifiers Are Keeping You Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 11, 2020

Filed under: Uncategorized — nawrockidentalteam @ 12:25 pm
an air purifier in the lobby of a dental office

Dental offices have always been considered a safe and healthy place to visit. But now with COVID-19 sweeping the globe, your dentist in Cocoa Beach is taking additional steps to ensure visitors avoid contracting dangerous bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that can cause illness. How are they doing this? Apart from wearing personal protective equipment and increasing time spent on disinfecting and sanitizing, they’re also installing air purifiers to ensure fresh, clean air is pushed throughout the office. Find out what makes this piece of equipment necessary and how it’s keeping you safe during your appointment.

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