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If You Have Dental Insurance, Here’s Why It’s Time to Use It!

October 15, 2019

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dental insurance form pen glasses

As 2019 winds down, you’re working hard to tie-up any loose ends so you can close the year feeling accomplished. How nice would it be, then, to know that by applying a little effort now, you can reap big benefits down the road? If you don’t want your dental insurance to go to waste, then now is the time to act by visiting a local dentist to put your coverage to good use. As you continue reading, you’ll find out about the benefits you stand to gain!


Enhance Your Smile: Discover How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Improve Your Confidence

October 5, 2019

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a woman having her teeth checked at the dentist’s office

You and your friends are planning for a weekend of fun on the beach, and you’ve already got your bathing suit, beach essentials, and camera ready to go. Before you head out the door, you take a quick look in the mirror only to see stains and discoloration on your teeth staring back at you. Realizing this isn’t the smile you want to be remembered in pictures, you stow away the camera. If this situation sounds familiar, don’t let your camera continue to gather dust. Find out how your cosmetic dentist can fix your imperfections and give you the appearance you want to smile with confidence at your next social gathering.


3 Healthier Alternatives to Chewing Ice

September 30, 2019

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woman about to eat ice

Sometimes it feels like summer is never going to fade away into fall, especially here in Florida. Over the summer, you got into the habit of chewing on ice cubes to keep cool. However, chewing ice is actually really bad for your teeth. It can cause your enamel to get chipped or cracked. If your tooth is weak enough, chewing ice can even make your tooth fall out! Also, it can cause some serious pain if your teeth are sensitive. If you’re having trouble kicking the habit, here are 3 healthier alternatives to ice crunching that you can try instead.


Protect Yourself from Overcrowded Teeth with Invisalign

September 23, 2019

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If you’ve noticed that your teeth have become more crooked over the years, it could be a much more serious problem than you think. Overcrowded teeth don’t just change the appearance of your smile; they can also make you more vulnerable to gum disease and other oral health issues. Read on to learn why straightening your pearly whites with Invisalign helps protect more than just your image.


Do You Drink Any of These 4 Popular Beverages That Impact Your Oral Health?

August 11, 2019

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friends drinking wine

As a person who works full time, a parent, or a student bombarded by upcoming papers, it can be hard to remember to drink water and stay hydrated. Most of the time you reach for a drink, it’s with the purpose to keep you awake, help you feel relaxed, or it’s just conveniently in front of you at the gas station. You’re probably not always thinking about the impact that it’s going to have on your oral health. Read on to learn whether these five popular beverages in Cocoa Beach are helping or harming your mouth.


Discover How Stress Impacts Oral Health and What You Can Do About It

August 5, 2019

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a woman under much stress

If you’re battling stress, it’s probably taking its toll on your mind, body, and even your oral health. When trying to juggle work, kids, schoolwork, late-night games, dinner, and household chores, it can become too much. If you’re experiencing pain in your jaw, bleeding gums, or maybe nervous nail-biting, it’s time to talk to your dentist. Find out how stress impacts oral health and what you can do to reduce and even eliminate the problem.


7 Tips to Beat Dental Anxiety

July 31, 2019

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If you have ever avoided the dentist out of fear, you’re not alone. About 20 percent of Americans are so scared of the dentist that they will only seek dental treatment when it’s absolutely necessary. Whether you fear the loss of control in the dental chair, painful procedures, or simply don’t like people poking around in your mouth, dental anxiety can be debilitating. It can lead to poor oral health down the road, which is why it needs to be addressed and treated right away. Keep reading to learn 7 tips to beat dental anxiety.


Don’t Take a Vacation from Your Daily Dental Routine!

July 18, 2019

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There’s nothing like a summer vacation to help you relax and unwind, but don’t think you can take a break from good oral hygiene! It can be easy to forget to keep up your regular habits when you’re away from your normal daily grind, but even away from home you need to be constantly vigilant about tooth decay and gum disease. Here are 6 tips for maintaining an excellent dental routine during the summer.


Want To Prevent Dental Implant Infections? Use These Guidelines!

June 8, 2019

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Model of an implant in the lower jaw

With a success rate of around 98% in non-smokers, one of the best things about dental implants is their low risk of failure. But, unfortunately, no medical procedure (including implants) is risk-free. While relatively rare, dental implant infections can lead to implant failure and damage the surrounding jawbone. But, with a few preventative measures and the right care and maintenance, you can greatly reduce your risk of infection. Keep reading to learn about the symptoms to watch for, how an infection is treated, and how you can avoid one altogether.


What Is the Recovery Part of the Dental Implant Process Like?

May 11, 2019

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3D image of a single implant in lower jawbone

Did you know that 3 million people in the U.S. have dental implants and an additional 500,000 implants are placed each year? It’s easy to see why implants are such a popular way to replace missing teeth – they not only look and feel more natural than any other option, but they can last many decades as well. But one of the first questions many people have is how long it will take them to heal after the procedure. After reading the blog below, you’ll learn all about the dental implant process and what you can expect from the recovery!

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