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Options for Recompleting Your Smile

smiling senior womanIf you are missing multiple teeth, you may face a number of daily inconveniences, such as embarrassment over your incomplete smile and difficulty enjoying all of your favorite foods. You are also at risk for long-term oral health problems. It is important that you fill in those empty spaces! Dr. Gary Nawrocki offers a number of services that can replace your missing teeth and enhance your quality of life.

What Are the Treatment Options for Replacing Multiple Teeth?

implant-supported bridge

There are a few options for replacing multiple teeth, including fixed bridges, implant-supported bridges, and partial dentures (either traditional and implant-supported). Each treatment is a little different, but they all have a few things in common: They can look natural, prevent your remaining teeth from drifting out of place, and enable you to eat a more robust diet. Let’s take a moment to consider each type of multiple tooth replacement in Cocoa Beach a bit more closely.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed bridge, sometimes called crown and bridge, is a prosthesis that includes two crowns, which get attached to abutment teeth (the teeth next to the empty space). Between one and three artificial teeth gets suspended between the crowns. Much of the appeal of a fixed bridge comes from the fact that this treatment is relatively fast and affordable. Bridges are also easy to care for and can feel quite comfortable.

Implant-Supported Bridge

Instead of relying on your remaining natural teeth for support, an implant-supported bridge gains all of its strength from dental implants that are surgically placed beneath the gum line. This type of prosthesis is even stronger and more natural-looking than its traditional counterpart. Moreover, placing it does not require that your dentist modifies alters the abutment teeth; they can remain whole and healthy as you gain a renewed smile.

Partial Dentures/Implant-Supported Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a prosthesis that replaces multiple teeth at various places throughout an arch. In its traditional form, a partial denture requires metal attachments to help it stay in place since it is neither cemented onto the teeth nor attached via dental implants. An implant-supported partial denture, on the other hand, is much more stable and provides superior function, longevity, and aesthetics.

Which Tooth Replacement Option Is Right for Me?

dental X-ray with missing teeth

When you visit Dr. Nawrocki for your consultation, he will carefully evaluate your oral health and the extent of your tooth loss before he recommends a treatment. Often, he advises that patients who are candidates for it opt for dental implants because of their remarkable stability and the many other benefits they offer. If all of your missing teeth are in the same are of your mouth, an implant-supported bridge may be an appropriate treatment for you. If the empty spaces are at various locations, an implant-supported partial denture would likely be a better option.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Multiple Teeth?

tooth and coins

The cost of your treatment will depend on a number of factors, including:

We’ll be able to provide you with a concrete estimate of the cost of your procedure when you visit us for your consultation.

Are you ready to fill in the gaps in your smile? Contact us today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Nawrocki!

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